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The World Under One Roof – AIESEC’s Global Village

Fluttering flags, cheerful music, and smiling faces greeted visitors at the TMA Pai hall on the evening of 21st August. ‘Global Village’, the flagship event of AIESEC in Manipal University, proceeded in full swing with enthusiastic participation from different sections of the Manipal varsity. The entire hall was decorated to showcase cultures from across the globe, with flags, pictures, and souvenirs from various countries being prominently featured in the stalls lining the hall. Oman, USA, China, Vietnam, and Iran were among the multiple countries being represented. The event’s primary aim was to showcase the work carried out by AIESEC’s Local Chapter while simultaneously providing information about the organization. “The Global Village is a great way to make people aware about AIESEC and its work” explained Vedanth Gupta, a member of ‘AIESEC in Manipal’.

The revellers that had gathered in the hall were exposed to the culture and traditions of the various countries represented there. Foreign nationals from over half a dozen countries, many of whom are pursuing courses in Manipal, participated in the event by sharing their heritage with the visitors. Although, a number of stalls did not have anyone from that country to represent them. This was where AIESEC’s Exchange Participants stepped in. Generally, Exchange Participants are students who have gone on an AIESEC exchange to a foreign country, they form a crucial part of AIESEC’s system. Vietnam, Romania, and Egypt were among the countries that had Exchange Participants at the stalls, sharing their experiences and impressions with the profoundly curious visitors. Food that was indigenous to the various countries was also quite popular, with the Omani dates being the all-time favourite. “What makes the Global Village special is that people get to sample a variety of different cultures from across the world, all under one roof” Kunal Chhajed, Vice President – Finance, of ‘AIESEC in Manipal’ pointed out.


Picture Credits: Ishteyaq

Between colloquial interactions with the representatives manning the stalls, there were brief presentations by the members of AIESEC, introducing the crowd to AIESEC’s history and goals apart from its well-imbibed traditions as a youth organization. There were numerous dance sessions such as AIESEC’s Jives, which kept the gathering energized and entertained. This was succeeded by performances from ADA, Glam and Glitz, and the Showstoppers, which helped in keeping the evening from getting monotonous. ADA’s natak addressed issues similar to those AIESEC concerns itself with such as social differences, racism, and terrorism. The evening concluded with a final dance session following which the membership registrations for AIESEC in Manipal were made available to the gathering.

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