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TechTatva’17 — Airborne

Make It Easy Kritika Batra As daunting as it might be to get through the maze of terminals and series of security checks at the airport, it does not compare to the amount of work and meticulous planning that goes into designing the place. Airborne

TechTatva ’17 — Vedanth 7.0

Vedanth 7.0 showcased a beautiful blend of pure engineering, coupled with a splash of talent that emerged from all fields, including music, art, design, and many more.
Relive the event that was sure to knock your gloves off!

A Tale of Three Lies – ADA’s ‘Rashomon’ at MILAP 2017

One of several events under Manipal University’s literary and arts fest, MILAP, was ‘Rashomon’. The play was directed by A.D.A (Absolute Dramatics Addiction from MIT) in association with Betaal. A spin-off of the Japanese classic directed by Akira Kurosawa, ‘Rashomon’ was beautifully sculpted to cater to the local audience.