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Student Bodies in Manipal

The soul of college life is the fraternities on the campus – the clubs that become a surrogate family for a student, helping him grow and explore latent talents in fields other than academics.

Manipal University has a strong tradition of student bodies and clubs that attract students from all disciplines, cutting across colleges, courses, and nationalities. It is one of the features that imbue Manipal with a singular charm, a unique advantage over others. There are technical clubs for the academically inclined; there are cultural clubs that give a student the opportunity to dabble in the fine arts, music, dance, theatre – everything that feeds the mind and spirit.


President: Darshan Nandekar
Council Email: [email protected]

The primary objective of the Student Council is to make themselves accessible to every single student on the campus. They address not just major grievances, but also persisting day-to-day inconveniences. Recently, they were able to convince the college to increase the number of seats available in program electives, thus decreasing the GPA cut-offs.

The Student Council is also pushing for increased inter-collegiate participation when it comes to fests, not just in and around Karnataka, but on a national level.

The MIT Post

Editor-In-Chief: Mukund Poddar
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The MIT Post has its fingers in a lot of pies. It is MIT Manipal’s official Student run Media Body and Communications office, working directly under the purview of the Student Council and the Department of Student Welfare of the college with the sole aim of keeping the average MITian informed of everything that happens in campus. They act as the direct link between the Administration, Student Council, the various clubs and student bodies in MIT, and every student in the campus. Besides doing everything you see on the website, The Post also publishes a semesterly magazine, frequent live blog coverage of important events, interviews with eminent personalities who visit Manipal, and Newsletters during fests and various other formats of mainstream broadcasting. But over everything else, the Post exists for helping the MITian.

The Post promises a staff member a shot at getting heard and making a difference to this campus. The Post is looking for the inquisitive, the observational, and the feisty ones working in departments of Writing and Reporting, Art, Graphic Design, and Tech.

The Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Jaya Aishwarya
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Ed-Board is one of the oldest clubs in Manipal, having formed in 1957 alongside the college’s inception. The club has one main goal; to publish the yearbook of Manipal Institute of Technology, having recently published the 60th Yearbook of the college in its Diamond Jubilee Year.

Whilst the club does not organize any event as such, The Editorial Board offers a unique opportunity for members and other students (through submissions) to see their hard work and craft, such as writing, photography, art, and design immortalized in print.

The club looks for students with a wide variety of skills – not only artists and writers, but also those with good organizational skills and a penchant for hard work. The Ed-Board also aims to instill a thirst for learning in students, and an eagerness to take up new skills.


IE Aerospace

President: Chivukula Varun
Club Email: [email protected]

IE Aerospace is the student chapter of the Institute of Engineers-Aerospace working under the guidance of the Aeronautical Engineering department. It conducts workshops and various other events based on aerospace and aviation. It is the go-to club for any aviation aficionado. It conducted its own TechWeek which included a Flight Simulation Workshop, talk on Preparing Space for Everyone and a quiz on aviation. Last year, it conducted a workshop on various softwares used in the aeronautical industry such as ANSYS Parametric Design Language.

IE – Biotech

President: Nidhi Dwivedi

Club Email: [email protected]

IE – Biotech started in 2008 as a forum for biotechnology engineers to cultivate their interest while simultaneously acting as a platform for students to display their acumen in the field. Its aim is to promote creative thinking and to foster a scientific spirit among all. The club also wishes to improve inter-disciplinary collaborations with a focus on innovation.

IEBT considers itself as a group of people who are fervent to gain knowledge regarding their field while giving exposure to a host of industrially relevant events and excursions. Along with the Tech Tatva Category, Chrysalis numerous workshops and industrial visits throughout the year, IEBT also organises an annual national level biotechnology symposium, ‘Symbiot’.

IE – Civil

President: Piyush Singhania
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Institution of Engineers, Civil, is a conglomeration of Civil Engineering enthusiasts, which strives to promote and progress civil engineering. The club focuses on organising workshops, field trips, and events to encourage innovation and enthusiasm in budding civil engineers.

IE Civil conducts events such as project management workshops, state level paper presentations (showcasing papers from geotechnical, environmental and transportation fields), a Google Sketchup workshop, and guest lectures on topics such as off-shore and on-shore surveying. The club also takes part in Tech Tatva with the Constructure Category, giving students a chance to not only learn, but also compete in several technical events.


President: Ritwij Sinha
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

IECSE, the most popular Computer Science Club of Manipal, was founded back in 2007. It was started with a vision to further the knowledge and skill-set of its members, while uplifting the overall computer science culture of the entire college by putting it on the national map. They conduct weekly Code, Web, Dev and Design Meets along with various workshops. Their Technical column, Hashtag, keeps MIT updated with various technical advancements in college and all over the world.

Prometheus, the second largest Technical Fest of MIT after TechTatva, is also conducted By IECSE. One of its events, HawkEye receives participation from all over the world. The club members have proved their mettle regularly in Microsoft Hackathons, Google Summer of Code and numerous campus events.


Chairperson: Sohan Ahmed
Club Email: [email protected]

II ChE, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers is a confluence of streams of professionals from academia, research institutes and industry. It provides them an appropriate forum for joint endeavors through application of chemical engineering and allied sciences.

The Manipal Chapter of this institute holds a national symposium ‘Chemignite’ every year, which includes paper presentations, invited talks from experts of industry and academia, and informals. They have their own category in TechTatva as well. This club offers its members vast opportunities in the process industry and research in the field of Chemical Engineering along with organized visits to industries around Manipal for students to gain industrial experience and understand the real world concepts of the branch.

IE Mechanical

President: Sanket Manoj Nair
E-Mail: [email protected]

IE Mechanical is the official club of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department at MIT. One of the oldest clubs the college has seen, it is the perfect place to hone your technical and soft skills throughout the course of your tenure at MIT.

The club’s activities include numerous competitions, workshops and activities such as mock placements, machine workshops, industrial visits, TechWeeks, and Design Software Oriented Workshop. The club’s members, as individuals have published several technical papers in renowned journals. More than technically sound students, the club would be more than happy to welcome students with the urge to learn and explore mechanical engineering outside textbooks.


President: Sneheil Bharadwaj
Club Email: [email protected]

The official students’ chapter of the Electronics and Communication Department at MIT, IE-E&C aspires to enhance the technical understanding of every individual passionate about this stream. Besides holding lectures and workshops on different aspects of E&C, they have their own tech-weekend as well. The club also has its own TechTatva category known as Alacrity.

IE E&C is known for its event Microlite where participants are taught how to create various electronic devices such as robotic arms and line-follower bots.


President: Mohammad Saood Abbasi
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The branch in Manipal is a division of the IEEE organization, and is one of the many international clubs in Manipal and has subdivisions for computing, and mechanical as well and has expanded this year to include more branches. Currently, the swarm robotics team of IEEE is active, and most of the workshops on AVR coding and other electronics related events have been conducted by them.

Coding workshops on Data structures and pointers were also held in the last year. Besides these, IEEE conducted Krieg, which included contests based on Computers and Electronics and also had a Paper Presentation. IEEE members are given access to papers, journals and latest videos about scientific achievements.


President: Rahul Raman
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

IE-E&E is the student chapter of Institute of Engineers- Electrical and Electronics at Manipal. It has its own category in Tech Tatva called ‘Electrific’ and is known for conducting many industrial visits and workshops. In the last year, it conducted an industrial visit to Udupi Power Corporation Limited and also conducted a workshop on Advanced Industrial Automation among other events

IE Mechatronics

President: Tejas Gail De
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

IE Mechatronics was established in MIT to provide a hands-on experience of Mechatronics and Robotics to the students. By nature it delves into a wide variety of engineering branches like ECE, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science and IT.

The club integrates the best of all these branches to produce highly innovative engineering events and ideas like robotic piano player, gesture controlled robotic arm, autotronics, 3-D LED patterns, holographs and so much more.

Bio-Medical Engineering Society of India (BMSCI)

President: Preetham Peddireddy
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

BMESI is a student organisation, with the Manipal wing being one of its many wings in different colleges. BMESI MC aims to bridge the gap between medicine and engineering by encouraging students to learn, discuss, grow and delve into the various facets of Biomedical Engineering.

Last year, BMESI had collaborated with IEEE in developing an Automated Physiotherapy Device. The technical branch of the club has published many papers and continues to work on several topics. They are known for conducting several workshops and tech-weeks throughout the year. BMESI MC has released 8 volumes of magazines, which have been appreciated by a long list of renowned engineers and doctors.

Instrument Society Of India (ISOI)

President: Venkatesh Munukutla
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

This technical club is the Manipal chapter of the Instrument Society of India, based in IISc, Bengaluru. A relatively new chapter having started out in August 2015, ISOI has made its mark by being one of the most active clubs in the last academic year.

The club which is the only technical club to come under the department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, has already organised workshops on LabView and Infrasense and hosted a placement talk. TechWeekend ‘16, which witnessed huge participation was jointly conducted by IE-Mech and ISOI cementing its place as one of the most organized young clubs in Manipal.

Linux Users Group (LUG)

President: Yash Kumar Lal
Club Email: [email protected]

Linux Users’ Group was formed to promote the use of LINUX as the primary OS and encourage contribution to open source projects. LUG’s main objective through the years has been to emphasise the adoption of FOSS, as well as to conduct workshops to teach various concepts in the field of development. The group has no formal hierarchy or recruitment process, and in their own words, “All you need is a laptop and the will to learn.”

Most recently a team from LUG won the AngelHack Hackathon and is currently in the process of presenting its product. LUG boasts an impressive alumni, where most recently a student of the group was recruited by Apple Inc.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

President: Rakshit Thakkar
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

ACM became a club only in April 2016 with the mission to create a thriving Computer Science culture in MIT. As a club, ACM believes in the imparting and sharing of knowledge as well as promoting and nurturing the interest and curiosity of students in relevant fields.

ACM looks for students that are enthusiastic about computer science, irrespective of year or branch, who wish to contribute to the fields of research and development. The ACM student chapter consists of core committee and board members who are placed in top companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and many more. Most recently, ACM successfully organized TechWeekend ’17 in collaboration with MIST.

Robotics and Circuits

Club President: Mahesh Kumar
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Robotics and Circuits: Technical Students’ Chapter is a club dedicated to doing projects in the fields of robotics, automation, computer vision, embedded systems and other allied fields. Along with projects, RnC conducts multiple workshops throughout the year and also hosts Vedanth, a featured event in TechTatva.

Members of RnC regularly win laurels in various paper presentation and robotics events inside as well as outside of Manipal. In the last semester, RnC organized a workshop on Artificial Neural Networks in collaboration with ISOI . To join the club, all you need is good problem solving skills, apart from some basic knowledge of electronics and coding. Above all, RnC encourages its recruits to learn and bring new ideas to the table while facing challenges.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

President: Vedanth Kakani
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

ASME Manipal is a branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a non-profit organisation that aims to provide not only a platform for young engineers (in terms of international internships of the highest caliber), but also teaches members how to organise workshops and learn leadership and management skills.

Formed in 2014, the club has organised several successful workshops on cyber security, quadcopters, 3-D printing, and, most notably, a 12-day summer internship training program conducted by Microsoft professionals. The club organized a Student Led Design Conference for the South Zone in 2016. It is known for its event Providentia which sees vast participation.
The club has, in recent times, organized talks which helps students gain knowledge about placements and postgraduate education.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

President: Jovian D’Souza
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The aim of ASCE is to create a network of civil engineering students and promote student research projects. The club encourages students to take interest in various fields of civil engineering and participate actively in the events conducted. ASCE conducted a Student Project Initiative on the 8th September, 2016. The professors of the Department of Civil Engineering presented their research projects for second and third years, giving them an introduction to their projects.

This club is known for its guest lectures conducted on research projects for second years and third years. Members of the club will gain more knowledge about the civil engineering field as the club provides exposure by taking part in fests in NITs and IITs.


Chairperson: Prateek Pati
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Manipal Chapter of an International body, Society of Automotive Engineers is one of the most active student bodies throughout the semester.

The activities of the club are focused on organising workshops, seminars, industrial visits, and other undertakings that get a petrolhead’s adrenaline up. In its 7 years of working, SAE has come a long way in making a difference in the way Manipal looks at the automotive industry. SAE has its own category in Tech Tatva called Kraftwagen which sees a large number of participants every year. For the coming year, SAE intends to bring students a competitive new platform by participating in national level events. It also has plans for a workshop to teach students what they would otherwise learn in a student project, in line with its belief in bettering future engineers by providing them with opportunities to further improve their technical knowledge.

International Society of Automation (ISA)

Chairperson: Bhargav Konidala
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The International Society of Automation (ISA) is a multidisciplinary club that is involved in organising workshops, industrial visits and seminars for the students of MIT. Members of the club are also offered the opportunity to go on internships in companies that are involved with ISA Bangalore. The club primarily deals with the field of automation and expects its members to have a good grasp on their fundamentals. Apart from the technical department, the club also has a graphics department and a management department.

Manipal Information Security Team (MIST)

Vice President: Bhawesh Bhansali
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

MIST is dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about information and network security. MIST, short for Manipal Information Security Team, is a relatively new club, having just begun operations last year. The club aims to provide people hands on experience in using the security tools against cyber-crimes through workshops and different events. MIST is aiming to secure digital data from cyber-crimes. They encourage coders to use their skills in real life applications.

Akshay Urja Club (AUC)

President: Kelvin Harrison Paul
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Akshay Urja Club is an initiative of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Source (MNRE). Started in 2001, this MIT’s first green club.

This unique club has undertaken several initiatives such as
– Student Contact Program (educating school children about latest smart technologies),
– Selco initiated projects (Motion Sensor Lighting Systems, Ground Heat Exchanger, Water Testing Kit, Field Mapping Software)
– Problem Specification (engineering the Requirements Specifications set)

The club has its own category in Tech Tatva called Energia which hosts workshops on wireless electronics (Electronica), events to optimize a town plan (Swades) and green quizzes. Every even semester, Akshay Urja has its own technical fest where events like Lazer Tag and a variety of workshops are conducted.

Verde Manipal

Chairperson: Ujjwal Chowdhary
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Verde Manipal is a student club which intends to design eco-friendly structures and aims to compete in different competitions around the globe. The club is the only one where architects and engineers work together to design a structure. It is currently working on a zero energy parking lot and a zero energy cafeteria which will be located on the land outside MIT main gate. The club aims to start from scrap regarding every detailed aspect of designing structures and hence, there is a vast scope of learning for members.

Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

Chairperson: Palak Bansal
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

One of the few multi-domain technical clubs catering to students from all branches, ISTE is the Manipal chapter of the national body headquartered in New Delhi. With an aim to provide quality training programs to teachers and administrators of technical institutions to update their knowledge and skills in their fields of activity, the Manipal chapter true to its governing body’s motto provides an engineer a holistic, all-round room for improvement and honing of skills.

ISTE takes up the responsibility of organizing ‘Acumen’, one of the largest categories in TechTatva, and anyone looking to join this club will definitely have hands full with ample activities to do.

The Mathitis Society

Chairperson: Vinay Teja
E-Mail: [email protected]

The Mathitis Society, Manipal Chapter is the student branch of TMS India, an organization that conducts industry-grade certified technical training programs all across the country. With accreditations from over 150 companies including Microsoft, Google and Apple, TMS aims to “Educate, Enable and Equip” students and provide them the tools they require to take on the corporate world. Members of the chapter stand to gain immense work experience, along with discounted prices on training programs they wish to attend. The club is looking for passionate, creative and driven individuals who want to develop strong leadership skills and make a difference.

Media Engineers and Graphic Technologists Association (MEGA)

President: Vaibhavi Mishra
Email: [email protected]

MEGA, The Media Engineers and Graphic technologists Association, a club under the Printing and Media Engineering department, has since last year been actively conducting many competitions and workshops for the students of MIT. It conducts events such as Ad Tract and Music Mixing and is known for its workshop on Film-making and its Inter-University competition: Impressions.

Google Developers Group (GDG)

President: Anurag Choudhary

GDG is a group which provides a network for people who are interested in various developer technologies such as Google’s Android OS, App Engines and a large variety of APIs. GDG courts a “Positive and Fun Environment about Learning, Sharing and Development”. They frequently organize hackathons, talks, and demonstrations by members and welcome people with various skill levels to learn and share their knowledge with others.

MIT Students’ Research Forum (MITSRF)

President: Julius D’Souza

MITSRF or MIT Student’s Research Forum is an undertaking by the Directorate of Research, Manipal University and is handled by the Manipal University Research Forum. The Student’s Research Forum encourages research among undergraduates and graduates in various fields and disciplines all over the university allowing for inter-disciplinary research as well as research into the most recent fields. Last year, it held a summer training session with a theme based on the upcoming start-up era and intellectual property rights, among other topics which spanned 10 days. It also organizes the annual Manipal Research Colloquium as part pf MUSRF’s yearly activities inviting research scholars from all campuses Manipal University.



Team Leader: Sanat Mharolkar
E-Mail: [email protected]

In the beginning RoboManipal was formed by robotics enthusiasts so that they had a forum to share ideas and further their passions for the subject. Since then the team has taken part in various competitions across India as well as international competitions like the NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition. The team also conducts workshops on basic robotic skills for tech enthusiasts in Manipal.

RoboManipal offers a wide range of fields within robotics to work in, and the field a student chooses need not have a prerequisite branch. The team believes in constantly challenging themselves, and hence their performance in competitions is only improving with each passing year. RoboManipal is also associated with successful startups like XES Automation, which is involved in underground mining surveillance, and Fracktal Works.


Team Leader: Amartya Gupta
E-Mail: [email protected]

AeroMIT is one of MIT’s most successful student project teams. It is a group of multidisciplinary engineering students that conceptualises, designs and fabricates RC aircrafts from scratch for various national and global competitions, the focus mainly being on SAE Aerodesign, in the USA.

The team looks for dedication and interest in the field the team is exploring, not just good knowledge about the relevant subjects. Potential recruits have to be determined and ready to explore aeromodelling using the team’s resources. AeroMIT has a 100% win rate in domestic competitions at NIT Surathkal, IIT Bombay and the Boeing Aeromodelling Competition. They were placed 4th in the world in the Overall Micro Class at SAE Aerodesign, Fort Worth, Texas in March 2017. 


Systems Engineer: Anirudh Kailaje
E-Mail: [email protected]

Parikshit is a team of engineering students working towards building a nano satellite which would ultimately be launched by ISRO. The team operates from within the MIT campus and involves work from across engineering disciplines such as aerospace, electronics, mechanics and embedded programming.

The multidisciplinary nature of the team’s work means that those hoping to join Parikshit will be expected to be willing to pick up new skills and learn new concepts, irrespective of their level of pre-existing knowledge. The team thrives on the hard work of its members and new recruits will be expected to be prepared for the same. The team has successfully completed the satellite’s qualification model review and is working towards submission of the nano satellite, which is being fabricated in Parikshit’s lab in NLH, for launch.

Team Manipal Racing (TMR)

Team Captain: Shlok Gupta
E-Mail: [email protected]

Team Manipal Racing (TMR) is the official off-road racing student project team of MIT. The members of TMR design, fabricate, test and race a single seater All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).
The club aims to win the several national and international competitions they participate in, including the renowned BAJA SAE design competition, where more than 400 different colleges battle it out in their respective ATVs. The club also wishes to promote the off-road vehicle culture in different disciplines like medicine and the army.

TMR is interested in students who are passionate about automobiles, in both, technical and management aspects. Like every other student project team, TMR asks for hours of dedication in the workshop, but on the other hand, designing an automobile is probably one of the better ways to spend the evenings.

Formula Manipal

Team Leader: Aftab
E-Mail: [email protected]

Formula Manipal, the oldest and most successful student project of Manipal University is a Formula Student team that design, conceptualize, fabricate, test and race a single seater, open-wheel Formula Style race car. A 60 member team of passionate undergraduates is constantly working to change the way one looks at Formula racing.

Ten years since its inception, Formula Manipal has rolled out seven cars and has participated in Global Formula Student events in Italy, Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic and India. One of the top teams in India, Formula Manipal has got two national records to its name and has a record seven podium finishes in Formula Student India 2015. Staying true to their motto, ‘Engineered with Passion,’ this team is the epitome of automobile enthusiasm.

Mars Rover Manipal (MRM)

Team Leader: Shantam Shorewala
E-Mail: [email protected]

Mars Rover Manipal is a team working on building a next generation Mars Rover to compete in University Rover Challenge, organized by the Mars Society, USA, held annually at Mars Desert Research Station, Utah, USA.

The debutante team participated recently in University Rover Challenge 2016, and successfully bagged 13th position worldwide among 63 teams from over 12 countries.

The team is divided into 3 subsystems, Mechanical, Electronics and Management. The team is providing an opportunity, for the first time in MIT, for bio and chemistry enthusiasts, by introducing a new subsystem ‘Science Cache’.

Project MANAS

Team Leader: Sarthake Choudhary
E-Mail: [email protected]

The official undergraduate AI Robotics student team of Manipal University, Project MANAS was founded in the year 2014. Project MANAS is currently a team of 45 undergraduates taking part in Mahindra’s “Spark the Rise Driverless Car Challenge” and a lot of AI robotics projects like autonomous delivery carts, a 6DoF robotic arm, and swarm robotics among other things. The aim is to establish project MANAS as a cutting edge AI robotics research lab.

Project MANAS qualified 3 stages in the Mahindra challenge and is one of the top 13 teams, to qualify for the prototyping phase. The prototypes are capable of detecting and navigating around pedestrians, variety of traffic signs and signals, road and non-road regions, vehicles along with a wide range of other obstacles. The team plans to roll out a fully functional semi-autonomous car by next year.


Team Leader: Amogh Govil
E-Mail: [email protected]

Thrust MIT is one of the country’s first rocketry teams. The team aims to foster interest and innovation in the field of rocketry. The modus operandi at Thrust MIT involves providing team members a hands-on experience in this field, allowing them to improve and learn on the job, which ultimately aids them in supporting the team’s endeavors.

The team aspires to compete in the Spaceport America Cup, organized by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association. The team expects all its members to be dedicated to the team’s goals and contribute not only by working for the team but also by learning new concepts while working. The team was started about a year ago and hopes to find dedicated team members in its recruitments.


Team Leader: Naveen Pradeepan
E-Mail: [email protected]

SolarMobil is the official solar car team of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. The team aims to build solar vehicles for a clean future and abides by its motto of ‘Imagineering the future’.

Since its inception in 2011 they have built two prototypes in the past, namely – FREYR-1 and SERVe (Solar Electric Road Vehicle). Their last venture – SERVe was unveiled at a joint press conference with their product development and research partner Tata Power Solar in 2015. SolarMobil won the first prize at QuEST Global Ingenium and third prize at CII Conference. Their work has been covered by major online and offline publications including BBC Auto, Times of India, NDTV Auto, among others.

The team is currently working on its third project and intends to build a commercial solar car prototype fit for the Indian roads.

Ashva Electric Motorsports

Team Leader: Hiren Bhanderi
E-Mail: [email protected]

Ashva Electric Motorsports is a student project aimed at creating an electric superbike with which it will contend in Moto E 2018, an international level racing event for electric bikes. It is the first team out of India which is comprises completely of university students. This student project was started with an intention of raising awareness about the pollution caused by automobiles and how electric vehicles could provide a cleaner and greener alternative.

Ashva has three subsystems: Mechanical, E-Power train and Management. It currently consists of 30 members and is looking for people who are willing to pick up new concepts and are willing to put in the time and effort to this mammoth task. Working on an electric bike promises to be a demanding yet captivating endeavor. 


Team Leader: Neelesh Nayan
E-Mail: [email protected]

Project DronAid is the first project in Manipal which has members from both MIT and KMC. Their aim is to combine various fields of technology like Advanced Drone Research, Deep Learning, Open Source Robotic Frameworks and medical science to build a fast trauma response and pre-medical care network at par with international standards.The vision is to build drones which can give emergency aid in the lowest amount of time, even in remote and difficult-to-access areas.


Blitzkreig Dance Crew

President: Priyanshi Somani
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Blitzkrieg was originally conceptualized in 2009. The crew’s goal is simple, “Spreading the language of love, through dance.” They call themselves a team of people who speak, talk and walk dance.  And the only thing they look for is passion to work hard and support each other, because in their own words,” We’re actually one team. One family, that offers nothing but happiness through dance.”

It is perhaps this love that has led to them being crowned not only the best dance crew in Manipal but as well as the best MegaCrew in India. They recently represented India at World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2016, Las Vegas and are currently the 43rd best dance crew in the world. Along with this, they are regular winners at college fests and competitions throughout the country.

The Reapers Dance Crew

President: Poorvi Goyal
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Reapers, is a  dance crew which strongly believes in “building dancers”, owing to their idea of recruiting even the non-dancers and training them from scratch to make them what we see at the cultural festivals at the college. The crew was formed in 2012 and has performed at Revels every year since. They also participate actively in ‘Anandotsav’, by NITTE and, ‘Utsav’, by Manipal University.

The club conducts dance workshops every year in the month of November to train dancers/non-dancers who have a passion for dance. Also, Reapers remains in collaboration with ADA Dramatics to perform musical plays and with MAFIA to make every event at MIT an entertaining one.

The Showstoppers

President: Rashmita Shetty
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Showstoppers is a club which revolves around various dance forms- from hip hop to contemporary and from bhangra to classical dance. In their words,

“Our bodies move as our souls speak,
Our feet punctuate the words we believe.
Our hands tell you stories that lay untold,
In our eyes, passion, for you to behold.”

The crew has competed and made an impact in events like National Level Qualifiers, Hip Hop International where they bagged the 13th place, Echoes’16 and Utsav’16, where they were the second runners up, Atharva and Revels’16 Eastern, where they took home the winner’s trophy.

The club believes in achieving everything together as a family and hope to see some passion and flare in the new recruits.

Music and Fine Arts Club (MAFIA)

Chairperson: Shakha Mishra
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Music and Fine Arts club (MAFIA) is responsible for every event pertaining to music, dance and arts in campus. MAFIA aims at organizing, cultivating and promoting these fields by organizing events, competitions and workshops to promote music and arts.

The club organises events like Acoustic Night, Jam Nights and many other workshops. MAFIA’s biggest event, Manipal’s Got Talent (MGT) is organized in the odd semester and caters to all music, dance and art enthusiasts. Members of MAFIA can participate in all events organized by the club. Besides having exclusive access to the Jam Room, members can be a part of the MAFIA contingent which travels outstation for several competitions.

Chords and Co.

President: Priyansha Mishra
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Chords and Co. is a group of enterprising individuals who noticed the lack of a sustained, year-round musical environment in Manipal and decided to set about changing that. Very recently formed, Music in all forms is at their very core. They want to provide a platform for the talented musicians in the city and the resources and opportunity for every interested person to get into the groove.

They have organized successful events like the Prom Night and an interactive session with the Mumbai-based band Daira.

Absolute Drama Addiction (ADA)

Club Head: Sidharth Sahoo
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

ADA is the official Hindi- Dramatics socio- cultural Club of Manipal. In the initial phase, the founders of the club had started out as a freelance ‘street-play’ group. Since then they have evolved to provide more versatility in what they offer, with various productions throughout the year. While originally a part of the Dramatics wing of MAFIA, since 2013 it is an autonomous body.

ADA believes in “giving wings to talent”, and the two things they look for in prospective recruits are enthusiasm and commitment.

It is with this same determination, hard work, and commitment to excellence that ADA consistently wins awards in national level play competitions across the country, including competitions in IIM-Bangalore’s Unmaad, as well as MIT’s very own fest, Revels. They stage some excellent productions in Manipal too, with the most recent one, Rashomon, receiving great reviews.

Aaina Dramatics

Club Head: Khushveer Sharma
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Aaina Dramatics, a student club of MIT is one of the very few student societies of Manipal recognized by the Manipal Unversity. The twelve year old club stages 3 productions every year with one held in the Library Auditorium and the rest at the Syndicate Golden Jubilee Hall.
It represents MIT in cultural fests of reputed colleges like IIM-Bangalore, VIT, IIT-Bombay and, BITS Goa in both the centre stage and the street play category. The club boasts of securing first place in center stage in ‘Mood Indigo’, the IIT-Bombay fest and in ‘Unmaad’, the IIM-Bangalore fest among other things. Aaina focuses on every aspect of theatre including what happens behind the curtain and hence, has dedicated departments which hone the varied talents of people involved in theatre.


Production Head: R.K. Shenoy
E-Mail: [email protected]

If you’re someone who’s bit by the acting bug, Dramanon is the perfect home for your inner actor.   A private drama company, Dramanon is ranked eighth amongst  Indian Theatre Groups. Almost every college of Manipal University is a part of Dramanon. They have three main productions annually. Short comedy plays too are conducted often and believe me, the shows are housefull. So, for the Tom Hanks and the Aamir Khan in you, give it a try, maybe?

Burning Ice

Club Head: Madhur Taori
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The club which started back in the year 2005 is the oldest fashion crew in Manipal University. The club actively participates in college fests and provides maximum exposure to its members and, hands on experience in the field of fashion. Since its inception, Burning Ice has won many accolades. The club has won laurels at TAPMI’s cultural fest, BITS Goa, VIT and, the IIMs. The club has won ‘Utsav’, and, ‘Revels’.

The crew believes in showcasing fashion with originality while setting the bar each time for themselves. The club recruits models, designers, photographers, DJs and makeup artists.

Glam & Glitz

Club Head: Reha Ashraf
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Formed in 2009, Glam & Glitz is a club where students can unleash their creativity and build their self-confidence through modeling. Aspiring applicants are expected to be passionate about the runway and have a drive to do the very best.

Since its inception, the club has won several accolades, including Revels’15 and ’16. Glam & Glitz also takes part in events outside of Manipal, such as Incident at NIT Suratkal, Sentia, MITE, and Brandscan.


Literary, Debate, and Quiz club (LDQ)

Club Head: Amandeep Singh Kalsi
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

LDQ is MIT’s official Literary, Debate and Quiz club, which was started in 1987. The club organises events which include workshops, debates, quizzes, JAMs, poetry and slam poetry, creative writing, potpourri and extempore. The club aims to promote all things literary and help people with a passion for literary fields to hone their skills and showcase them. It also holds its annual literary fest for freshmen, Litstock every odd semester.

LDQ hosts various events – the Inter Section Debate Tournament for first years, MIT’s National Debate TournamentQuiz Meet Quiz, quizzes in Revels and TechTatva and a Slam Poetry Workshop in association with Airplane Poetry Movement. Members get free access to their events, and are encouraged to join the various literary societies under LDQ. The club prioritizes commitment and passion over prowess in their working committee members.

MIT Pulse

Board Member: Ashwini Arun Kumar
E-Mail: [email protected]

MIT Pulse, formerly Manipal Community Radio, is a joint initiative with the School of Communications running a 30 minute show every Thursday on the 90.4 FM frequency owned by Manipal University. With a recording studio at SOC, this very own radio station tries to make the show both technical and cultural and also covers topics important to the people outside the university too.

And of course, Pulse promotes musicians and poets on the show as well. Even though, MAFIA is their official music partner, they have individual singers too. If you’re someone who has always dreamt of being on the Radio, Pulse is your abode.

The Manipal Journal (TMJ)

Editor-In-Chief: Soumyajit Saha
E-Mail: [email protected]

The Manipal Journal was Manipal’s first news website, launched way back in September 2007. They state their mission as “Unbiased Ethical Journalism,” and aim to bring news from all over Manipal to their readers. Run by a team of volunteers, they work not-for-profit round the year to capture Manipal and the world as it happens, when it happens.

Manipal The Talk Network (MTTN)

Editor-In-Chief: Agnihotra Bhattacharya
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

MTTN is a media body that currently comprises members from five institutions at Manipal University, and looks to expand to many more. A team of writers, photographers, poets, artists and PR personnel who strive to keep the students informed of what’s going on in the city.

Manipal’s largest unofficial media body provides the people they recruit with the ability to hone their existing talents in their particular field, by facilitating working in the area. More importantly, the chance to mingle with people sharing similar interests.

“The passion to learn more about and work on the skills they already possess; the innate drive to set goals and see them accomplished to the very end, and undying love for Manipal” – is what MTTN requires from potential recruits.


Club Head: Snehil Srivastava
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Goonj, the Hindi literary society of Manipal, took roots in the October of 2015 when a group of students realized that a language spoken by eighty percent of the students in college was being sidelined.

Despite being such a new club, they bagged many prizes in various events across the country which was proof in itself that this year old club was one to watch. The many events conducted by this club, like the Inter-Section debate, the Matrubhasha Divas, the Independence Day celebrations, the India Quiz and Antakshari became instant hits with the crowds. Their final event, Jashn-e-Manipal was a ‘Kavi Sammelan’ which was touted as one of the best events of the semester.

Naqaab Filmmaking

Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Naqaab is MIT’s filmmaking club. The club’s main activity is to produce short films in Manipal on a variety of themes, ranging from societal issues to life on campus. Naqaab plans to participate in various film festivals with its short films. The club places no limit on the number of films they produce each year and wishes to produce as many short films as possible.

Being a relatively new club, Naqaab looks to recruit people who are passionate about their work and are willing to pick up new skills while on the job at Naqaab. The club was started this year and so it offers new recruits a clean slate to make their mark on.

MIT Live

Editor In Chief: Vaishnav Shankar
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

MIT Live, the Video Media Body of MIT has been active since the January of last year. It was started by a small, but dedicated group of students who realized the impact that a video media body would have, and subsequently came up with MIT Live.

The sole purpose of this club is to create entertaining as well as informative videos for the student masses of MU while representing MIT. They believe that his helps create a bridge between college administration and the student counterpart. MIT Live serves as a platform for talented filmmakers and well- turned script writers. They cover all major ongoing events of the college.

Some of MIT Live’s successful videos include the live broadcast of Independence Day’16 and Director Diaries, Revels ’17, MITBL and Sunburn Campus.

The club has various departments one can apply to, namely, videography, script, graphic designing and video and audio editors.

The Photography Club

Club Head: Ritik Jain
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Photography Club, Manipal, is the official photography club of MIT. For all the budding photographers, this club is the perfect medium to hone your photography skills, and learn from the experienced. The club organizes several photo-walks and excursions outside campus.

Besides covering different events happening throughout the campus, the club also organizes several competitions to lend some incentive to their members. The club is also planning to organize several photo and video meets and a lot of workshops to tutor their members professionally. Their end semester excursion to Kudlu falls was a fun and educational experience for the students. The club is looking for students who are comfortable behind the lens.



President: Rehan Gupta
E-Mail: [email protected]

AIESEC is an international youth exchange organization that has a presence in over 120 countries. The organization offers cultural and technical exchanges in a variety of fields and focuses primarily on international exchange programs. While one needn’t work for AIESEC to go on an exchange, working at AIESEC provides opportunities for development of leadership and management skills. It has begun it’s Local Volunteers body to work on social projects in Manipal itself.

AIESEC doesn’t really look for any particular skillset in its recruits, and prides itself in being open to anyone who wishes to work towards its goal of making the world a better place. Managing and facilitating international exchanges comprises a bulk of the work at AIESEC. It also conducts annual events, like International Students DayGlobal VillageLuminaire and Wanderlust, which act as platforms to showcase the work of AIESEC in Manipal University.


Chairperson: Shrey Maheshwari
E-Mail: [email protected]

IAESTE is an international organization which deals with providing paid internships to people all over the world. It has four local committees, with the Manipal wing being the largest. Not only does IAESTE gives students studying in India an opportunity to intern abroad, it also accepts trainees from foreign countries.
IAESTE also organizes numerous conferences, seminars and events throughout the year. Besides its primary goal of providing people with an opportunity to enroll themselves for foreign internships, it strives to enhance connections with different parts of the world and enhance the careers of its members. It trains its members to take on companies and ace their interviews when it matters the most.

IAESTE is on the lookout for recruits who either have or are willing to develop good communication, managerial and organisational skills. IAESTE provides a professional corporate-like environment, and is looking for members who are willing to devote their time and loyalty towards the club.

Leaders of Tomorrow

President: Aryaman Vepa
E-Mail: [email protected]

Leaders of Tomorrow is a club that aims to bring out the leader in every MITian. They routinely conduct MUN training sessions and send delegations to various MUNs across the country.  They cling to the belief that being well informed and cultivating innovative ideas is the first step in changing the world.

Their events, Summit Manipal and Manipal Youth Parliament receive participants in large numbers. They also organize Cambiar, an introduction to Manipal culture, for the students and by the students.

Manipal University Technology Business Incubator – Student Entrepreneurship Cell (MUTBI – SEC)

Vice President: Milind Arora
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The MUTBI – Student Entrepreneurship Cell (SEC) was formed in the year 2012. Its goal was to promote budding entrepreneurs and the startup culture in Manipal. This year the organization was revamped to ensure a much wider reach as well as an environment that would be conducive to innovation in Manipal. MUTBI’s aim is to encourage students with ideas to come forward, and to give them the opportunities needed to make their dreams a reality.

MUTBI conducts various events throughout the academic year, most notably ‘Provenance’, their annual event wherein participants are required to submit a working plan of their idea.

MUTBI is looking for students that are passionate about innovation, and keen on entrepreneurship to be a part of their organization.

National Cadet Corps

Senior Under Officer: Gajendra Singh Shekhawat
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The National Cadet Corps is a tri-services organization grooming tomorrow’s leaders into patriotic and disciplined citizens, doing service to the nation in various socio-cultural activities at times on the battlefield. Living up to its motto of ‘Unity and Discipline’, NCC has been instrumental as one of the greatest cohesive forces of the nation, bringing together the youth hailing from different parts of the country and moulding them into disciplined citizens of the nation.

4 KAR ENGR COY NCC since its inception in 1962, has been very active in and around Manipal. The trainers and parade leaders for the National Festival Celebrations, taking part in weekly drills, hosting the International Day of Yoga in Manipal and hosting an annual weeklong ‘NCC Week’ celebration, which gives the general public an insight into the life in the armed forces- the ‘eat, march, camp, run, trek, repeat’ life of an NCC cadet makes him Manipal’s own Indiana Jones.


Volunteer Services Organisation of Manipal University (VSO – MU)

Student Ambassador: Navaneeth Ganesh
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The brainchild of Dr. Raj Warrier, former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University, the Volunteer Services Organization of Manipal University, now in its decennial year, is the official social upliftment umbrella of Manipal University spread across the Manipal and Mangalore Campuses. With its volunteers having students and staff from all colleges of Manipal University, staff children and spouses as well as the general public in Manipal, it is one of the most active social clubs in Manipal. Under the guidance of Dr. H Vinod Bhat, the Vice Chancellor of the University who is the organization’s Chairman, many projects such as visits to orphanages, schools for the specially abled, pediatric ward, old age homes, slums, Blood Donation Campaign, Clean Manipal Campaigns, and other activities happen on a weekly basis all year round.

Aside from this, VSO volunteers are sought after for smooth coordination of all of the University’s biggest events. The Manipal Marathon, the IBCA Asian Chess Championship Tournament, Manipal Research Colloquium, Academy of General Education National Science Day Program, MHRD”s VISAKA Program, Utsav are some of the university’s events VSO lends its hands in. Apart from these, VSO also has regular collection and spot fixing drives in Manipal and Mangalore alongside its flagship annual events, Daan Utsav, Tarang, Sparsh and Carnival de Manipal.

It is also set hold the inaugural National Conference for Youth in Social Change in Manipal University this August to kickstart the India’s festival of Giving – Daan Utsav, this year. Registrations for the organization is open online throughout the year on

Rotaract Club of Manipal

Club Head: Rudr Abhishek
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Rotaract is one of the oldest and largest clubs in Manipal. The aim of the club is to provide opportunities to the students to enhance skills and personal development and address the physical and social needs of the community. Aside from being one of the most fun clubs to work for, they have a reputation for being the most active social service club. A few of the major events organized by them being blood donation camps, clothes collection drives, community contact programs and quality fundraisers such as the Meraki Waltz. The biggest cultural fest of the club though, would be Dhol Baje, which is undoubtedly the most popular cultural night of Manipal. Also, Nawaazish ’17, which brought The Local Train to Manipal for an encore was a wildly popular and successful event.

Rotaract is currently working on their project, The Red Line App which endeavors to save many lives by providing blood group database of all students and Faculty of MIT.

Red-X Manipal

Club Head: Virat Sukhija
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

When you are in a city like Manipal where natural and artificial constructs complement each other, there is an undying thirst to go out and explore the places around. Started in 2005, with this in mind the socio-adventure club conducts many project ranging from the upliftment of the underprivileged to hardcore adventure activities like zip-lining, tent-pitching and paragliding among others.

Their event, Sunburn Campus, which brought Zaeden and Teri Miko to Manipal received a huge turnout. They also conduct charitable drives and adventure camps which are very popular. They organized an adventure trip to Dandeli in the semester and have planned a Himalayan trek in the summer. This 400 member strong club is looking for students with an insatiable thirst for adrenaline to be a part of their endeavors.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

President: Akshat Garg
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

EWB Manipal is the local chapter of Engineers Without Borders, an international non-profit society. The club aims to improve living standards of underdeveloped societies by providing engineering solutions. The club also strives to provide a platform for engineers to apply their ideas for solving practical problems.

EWB looks for passion in engineering, practicality, a sense of social responsibility and basic reasoning skills in its recruits. EWB has undertaken numerous successful projects in and around Manipal and also organises talks and discussions on engineering based social welfare projects. Members of EWB get to work as a team, outside college, on practical problems that make a difference to society.

Scio Benevolent Foundation

President: Siddharth Shreedhar
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

SCIO is a government registered, non-profit organisation. The organisation mainly deals with free career counselling sessions, under their wing Vidya. The other two wings are Vaidya, which deals with free medical camps and Veda, in which students are called from schools to participate in discussions regarding their careers. Its aim is to motivate students to actively participate in social service in order to build our nation.

SCIO looks for people who are interested in social service and who are willing to actively participate. Having good speaking skills also helps. SCIO has conducted may career counselling sessions and free medical camps in and around Udupi and Manipal. Members are given a certificate after their duties for the organisation are done.

Ek Sangharsh

Club Head: Sachin Vianney
E-Mail: [email protected]

Ek Sangharsh, Manipal is the local chapter of a Delhi based NGO. It is one of the most active social welfare clubs in MIT. Ek Sangharsh aims to provide the youth with an opportunity to use their innovative ideas for social welfare and make a difference in society.

The club organises popular events like Cloogle, a treasure hunt, to raise funds for social welfare activities like helping children in Anganwadi schools and orphanages. They utilise funds to donate books, drawing material, and in one case, even a water purifier. To be a member, all you need is a passion for social welfare and an urge to utilise your talents to help others.

E.C.H.O Manipal

Club Head: Alkesh Kumar Singh
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

E.C.H.O Manipal, or the Ecological Conservation and Habitat Restoration Organization is a unique club which, as the name suggests, aims at sustaining and restoring the natural environment.

The objective of the club is to promote and enhance environmental discipline amongst students and citizens of Manipal alike. Being a newly born club, it is yet to establish its roots. To do so and to help students connect to nature, they aim at actively conducting several events throughout the campus including plantation drives, nature walks, cleanliness drives, and trips to national parks and biosphere reserves.

All they need is for their members to be adventurous nature and wildlife photography enthusiasts along with people who take initiatives for a cause.


Club Head: Shinjini Guha
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

CurioCity is a student driven initiative that fosters the culture of learning through creativity and curiosity among the lesser privileged children. The club educates these children about the various opportunities lying ahead in their future and helping them set their goals.

CurioCity conducts the Angrezi Program, the Chess and Mind Power Program, Health and Well-being workshops, the Community and Environment Program and the Library Program in primary schools. In addition to this, CurioCity also keeps a watch for the kids with special needs and attention and accordingly takes care of them.

A specific technical skill set may not be required, but CurioCity needs members who realise the importance of helping the lesser privileged and are willing to devote sufficient time to various activities of the club.

Teach Code for Good

Club Head: Ramakrishna Bolisetty
E-Mail: [email protected]

Teach Code for Good is a not for profit organization consisting of volunteers. They step up to teach underprivileged children in Manipal basic computer programming. Their goal is to empower children from at-risk backgrounds, create interest in coding and increase opportunities for education and employment.

They have received a fellowship from The Resolution Project, and also have been at the receiving end of an award from the Rotary Club Manipal Town for their contribution to society.

Lions Club of Manipal University

The Lions Club is a club that is engaged in social work and community service in Manipal. Objective of the club is to provide the youth of the college an opportunity for development and contribution, individually
and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community.

Serve the humanity with excellence
Giving smile to humanity
Developing personality and leadership skills.

They have organized events like a blood donation camp in MIT and an orphanage visit to Shree Bala Niketana Kukkikatte.

The Queer and Ally Network (Q&A)

Co-Founder: Ashish Sharma
E-Mail: [email protected]⁠⁠⁠⁠

The Queer and Ally Network is an unofficial LGBTQ+ support group that operates in Manipal. Founded with the intention of creating awareness about LGBTQ related topics and providing a safe space to queer individuals, the Q&A Network is the first of its kind in the region, and has also been featured in the Gaylaxy Magazine, an Indian LGBTQ magazine. The group organises regular events like film screenings and interactive sessions in its bid to further the LGBTQ+ cause. Without any rigid recruitment structure, Q&A invites and welcomes anybody who needs help or is interested in helping out, and has the time to do so.

The Rural India Project (TRIP)

President: Indraneel Sarkar (SoC)
E-Mail: [email protected]

Started based on the belief that mainstream media is ignoring the massive masses of rural India,The Rural India Project, an initiative of the School of Communication, is a club like no other.

A yearning to unveil rural life to as many people as possible led to TRIP embarking on a grand voyage, with groups of members going to villages for weeks on end in search of stories to tell. With the founders having spoken at The Manipal Conclave, TEDx DTU, and Tarang, TRIP is a club like few others, striking the right balance when it comes to social work and feasibility. All that is required for those wanting to join is a enthusiasm, and an inclination towards storytelling. A sense of adventure is highly encouraged too.


MIT Sports Club

President: Maheedar
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

“All work and no play makes Jagannath a dull boy.” This was exactly what was happening back in 2007 when a bunch of MITians wanted more attention to be devoted to sports in the college. That led to the birth of the MIT Sports Club. Intersection basketball, football, cricket tournaments are a few of the annual events the club hosts. Apart from this the club is also involved in managing the college and university teams participating at university, state and national levels.

The team looks for students with a passion for sports and a flair for people skills to facilitate an spirited sports culture in Manipal.

MIT Football League (MITFL)

Chairperson: Shawn Ivan D’souza
League E-Mail: [email protected]

MITFL is Manipal’s only semi-professional football league. The league’s aim is to encourage budding footballers in MIT by giving them a platform to showcase their skills.

The MITFL provides amateur footballers an opportunity to compete with the best in MIT and gain valuable experience that helps them grow as players. At MITFL, professionalism is of prime importance. The league is looking for people who are eager to learn and are passionate about the sport and its management. The MITFL give its members an exposure to sports management and an insight into what goes behind managing a league this big, imparting managerial skills which will prove beneficial to the students in the future.

MIT Cricket League (MITCL)

Club Head: Vansh Mahajan
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

MITCL is MIT’s first cricket league, working along the lines of the IPL. It’s as real as it gets, with the teams formed out of an auction, and the guidelines based on a semi-professional cricket league.It aims to bring together all cricket fanatics of the college to a common ground where they battle it out as MIT’s best teams. A brilliant way to improve team skills, as well as add to the managerial skills of sportsmen, MITCL wishes to strengthen the cricket culture in Manipal.

MITCL provides a student the platform to grow as a cricketer in case they can’t make it to the elite teams, to learn to play with the team as well as get well versed with the behind the scenes action that takes place to make this a success.Their players are not just players, they’re organizers, managers and sponsors who make this happen. The league wants someone who is flexible with the system, wishes to explore the field of cricket and is willing to play in a team.

MIT Basketball League (MITBL)

President: Manoj Reddy
E-Mail: [email protected]

MIT Basketball League is a semi-professional basketball league of MIT approved in November, 2016. With its commencement on tje 29th of January, it went on for the entire even semester with matches scheduled every Sunday. The league has six teams with 10 players each. With teams as interesting as Vipers and Spartans, the MITBL board is planning to increase the number of contenders. If you’re a basketball fanatic and want to soar high in the court, MITBL is the perfect place for you to have some fun and hone the Jordan in you.

The Manipal Cyclists

Admin: Prof. Ganesh Nayak (Dept. of ICE, MIT)

Manipal Cyclists is a group of recreational cyclists; there is no competition or training for an event. They explore breath-taking cycling routes around the diverse and beautiful geographical features surrounding the town.  They cycle to relax, explore, enjoy and discover themselves. Everyone is welcome to join them for a ride!

Human Powered Endevours

President: Animish Phatak

Human Powered Endeavours is comprised of a team of enthusiasts who want to promote cycling in Manipal, both as a sport and as a mode of transport. Cyclists from the club participate in BRMs (Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux) across Karnataka. They provide training, guidance and necessary support to members who are willing to get involved.

The club organizes frequent cycling trips to scenic locations on weekends. They also organized Tour De Manipal, in an attempt connect Manipal University Campuses at Mangalore, Bangalore, and Jaipur with Manipal.

Manipal Runners Club

President: Siddharth Jain (MCOPS)

A Manipal University wide club, comprising of undergraduate and graduate students across MU, professors, local residents, and even visiting people/tourists; basically anyone who’s up for a run is one of the newest and hottest clubs in Manipal. This club aims to bring together people who run or want to start and instill a culture of running in the city.

The Manipal Marathon was organized by the Manipal Runners Club and was a huge success with over 5000 registrations. The club also organize runs thrice a week, which begin at Marena

MIT Gaming Club

Club Head: Saksham Kumar
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

MIT Gaming is the club for gamers created by gamers. It aims to provide a platform for gamers to showcase their skills and for game development enthusiasts to enhance their skills by working in a small group of skilled developers.

The club has 2 wings – the gaming wing, in which the club looks for people who have a real passion for gaming ,and the game development wing, which looks for people who are either skilled in game development or have a keen interest to learn game development in order to create games for the market. The club was founded last year and has hosted a gaming weekend which saw the participation of almost 150 students.


Talk it Out

Club Head: Varun Phalak

Talk it Out started five years ago with the main aim of discussing socially relevant issues on an open forum. Their events remain extremely informal and open to all, providing students with a platform to voice their opinions, regardless of what they are. Their events also give an opportunity for students to interact with faculty and administration on scores of issues, spanning from Feminism vs Feminazi to Religion vs Reason. A small club with a simple cause, Talk It Out looks for passionate people to be a part of their working committee.

Apart from these regularly held discussions, Talk It Out is planning to expand their operations soon, by inviting TED speakers to hold talks as well.

The Think Tank

President: Dhruv Verma
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Think Tank’s goal is to get people thinking about what lies beyond the scopes of their textbooks. It aims to ignite curiosity and get people inquiring on things that might otherwise pass unnoticed. The club does this by regularly organizing talks, workshops and even seminars like TEDxManipalUniversity.

The club’s aim is to inspire people to think differently and for that the club looks to recruit people who can think out of the box and be innovative and original in their thinking. So far, the Think Tank has organized Manipal-o-Pedia and a talk with Harvard professor, Arun Shanbhag. A talk with Dilip Chhabria, the founder of DC design, is also being organized by the Think Tank.

Economics and Finance Society of Manipal (ESoM)

Club Head: Akhil Vaidyanathan
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Economics and Finance Society of Manipal was started last year with the vision to promote economic and financial literacy among the students of MIT. The club believes that learning economic policies and financial models in college will help every budding engineer in the long run.

The main thing the society looks for in potential recruits is the drive to make its vision a reality and a basic understanding of the concepts of economics. ESoM organises StockMeets, its flagship series, to foster deeper economic understanding. The club also releases articles and infographics to elaborate on the hot topics in the financial world.

Blank 101

President: Mohammed Rauhaan
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

Blank-101 is a club that aims to impart basic knowledge on a wide range of topics. It provides a platform for learning, meeting people with similar interests and holds a series of talks, researched and presented by members on topics chosen by popular demand. It primarily aims to cover all the interests that are not covered in regular college classes.

The basic traits the club looks for in members is inquisitiveness and a thirst to know more – be it about anything, from hybrid cars, to politics, to mythology. Blank 101 organises talks on various topics, the most recent one being ‘Mythology 101’ where interested members can talk about the subject and discuss its nuances.

Movie Goers’ Club

Club Head: Aravind Sasikumar
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Movie Goers’ club is a club dedicated to the college’s movie buffs. The club organizes weekly movie screenings, exposing MIT to a wide range of movie genres with as many ten screenings a month.

The club plans to expand by increasing the variety of events it organizes and looks to recruit people who are passionate about movies and have fresh ideas to bring to the table to help the club grow. The club has plans to start a two day movie fest that it hopes will become an annual feature.

Manga and Anime Club (MAC)

Club Head: Craig Lewis
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Manga and Anime club is less of a club and more of an anime and manga fan community. It is a forum for anime related discussions and fan art and also organizes anime movie screenings. The club’s members have a diverse set of skills with their passion for anime and manga being the bond that binds them together, which is what the club hopes to find in its new recruits, as it forges into its second year of existence.

MAC prides itself in having a cordial, fun work environment where members are encouraged to learn and grow with the club. The Shounen week is an annual fest organized by the Manga and Anime club.

Advertising and Marketing Club (adMIT)

Club Head: Mayank Sehgal

adMIT is one of MIT’s nascent clubs, having been founded very recently. adMIT is something strikingly different from all the clubs in and around the campus as they aim to promote the study of marketing and advertising as business subjects. An ideal club for any budding engineer wishing to opt for a non-technical course of employment in the future, adMIT is planning to hold numerous discussions, projects, workshops and case studies throughout the year.

adMIT is looking for new recruits who are interested in the field of marketing and advertisements. Seeing that majority of clubs rely on social media and posters to spread word of their events, new methods of advertisement are a strong demand and adMIT is here to provide to these needs.

The Psych Club 

President: Aditi Bhat
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Psych Club, formed in 2012 by two psychology enthusiasts, aims to bring students interested in psychology together in one family, thereby enabling further discussion and learning about the subject. Sharing knowledge is an integral part of the club, and members are expected to learn by themselves after being taught, and apply the information they gather in real-life situations.

The Psych Club hosts workshops on reading body language, emotional intelligence, and the art of showcasing confidence (The Charisma Conundrum) throughout the semester. For Revels, the club has hosted memory workshops before.

The Astronomy Club

President: Rohan Gupta
Club E-Mail: [email protected]

The Astronomy Club was started in 2000, but underwent a reformation in 2014, making the club what it is today. It aims to promote observational astronomy to students, and further build upon technical aspects of the subject, such as making telescopes and venturing into radio astronomy. Students with a passion for the cosmos, regardless of the knowledge they hold about it, are encouraged to apply.

They organize all-night sky watches in and around Manipal, along with informative talks and quizzes. Their flagship event was a skywatch near Agumbe, which was a delight for amateurs, experienced star-watchers and astrophotographers alike.

The Manipal University Philately and Numismatics Club

Secretary: Vishwesh K

With an intent to promote the ‘king of hobbies‘ among youngsters, the Manipal University Philately and Numismatics Club, was founded in December 2015. With an intent to introduce and encourage the hobby in Manipal where activities would be held for all the lovers to get together at least once a month to talk, discuss and exchange stamps and coins. With students, faculty, and the general public part of this club, and various membership plans (Yearly, 5 Yearly, Lifetime) this is the go to club for every hobbyist.

Manipal Birders’ Club

Birder: Dwiref Oza

The Manipal Birders Club are a group of birding enthusiasts who meet every Sunday morning to embark on a birdwatching trail. Owing to its favorable location between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Manipal plays host to a rich bird-life in its range of habitats, which the birders make the most of. Their Sunday walks also serve a greater purpose. As they go on the walk, the birders keep track of all the birds spotted on the mobile e-bird app. The data is stored on the app’s servers, where it can be used to make distribution maps of the birds and keep track of their migrations. The group is not officially a club, and is open to anybody who wants to join in. All you have to do is turn up.

Philosophy and History Club

President: Cyril Joy

MIT’s newest club, it was established during the odd semester of 2018. This caters to those who come from a more scholarly way of thinking, finding their intellects piqued by the likes of Aristotle and Carl Marx. If scouring through history books and educating yourself about the origins of global cultures, traditions, and why wars happened is a passion of yours, this is the place to be.