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Revels’17 – Lensation

Know Your Camera

This event focused on the prowess of the participants. Unprocessed pictures were to be clicked that conformed to the theme of the day. Motion, animals, and flare were the themes on the first, second, and third day respectively. As they worked on applying their knowledge of movement techniques, they delved deeper into the technicalities of the device. The participating teams went about figuring out the various intricacies involved in perfecting a shot, and help resonate the true meaning behind the picture.

Portfolio Shoot

Credits: Raj Sharma

As the name suggests, this event was about making a portfolio of a person. The first round had no particular theme, so the teams of two or three compiled a portfolio of their choice. The second round required them to click pictures with a vintage vibe to them. A total of fifteen teams participated in this event. As the photographers roamed around searching for the best backdrop for snapping the pictures of the model, the models adorned themselves for the shoot.

Product Shoot

Credits: Raj Sharma

Similar to portfolio shoot, product shoot involved snapping pictures of an object rather than a model. In the first round, the product was a watch while in the second round the product at hand was a camera. Props were provided by the organizers to set up a good background. Each of the eleven teams consisted of two members, who helped each other set up the perfect lighting which enhanced the object’s appeal. This event lasted for three days with a participation of eleven teams.

On the final day of the fest the photographs were scrutinized and the judges selected the best photographs from the lot.