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Pre-Revels’16 – Nach Le Ve

Dance is possibly the most expressive form of art. A person can portray feelings of happiness, despair, hope and love in the simple movements of their bodies. Thursday night saw the celebration of this art form in its full glory. Nach Le Ve is a solo dance event that focuses on Eastern non-classical dance forms. The night’s performances included semi-classical, Bollywood, folk, and Middle Eastern routines.


Courtesy: Hemant Ganti


Courtesy: Hemant Ganti

The event was hosted at the MIT Quadrangle and saw the participation of eighteen students. Of these eighteen hopefuls, six or seven would be selected to take part in the main event during Revels. The judges for the night were Ms. Josephine Veena from the CSE department and Mrs. Maithri Kowshik from the department of Humanities and Management. The contestants were allotted four minutes of stage time on exceeding of which, they would be penalized accordingly.
The show started at about a quarter to seven in the evening and went on for about one and a half hours. The performances were an exhibition of mind-boggling splits, gravity-defying kicks and head-turning cartwheels. Some performances also focused on the Indian audience’s favourite ‘matkas’ and ‘jhatkas’ while some were an exotic display of break dancing and South Indian filmy dance styles. The contestants danced with grace and passion and the audience was very receptive of their efforts. The endless claps and the whistles from the audience encouraged the performers to dance with more gusto and vigour.
To sum it up, Nach Le Ve managed to pay homage to the various non-classical dance forms our beloved country is famous for and it did so with a lot of pomp and energy. It would be exciting to see the second stage of this event during the Revels and hope the performances keep getting bigger and better.