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How MIT Celebrates

As a student preparing tirelessly for engineering entrance exams, an exciting college life was definitely something to look forward to. The fantastic world of the college student, as constructed by movies, TV shows, teachers, parents, and other older relations seemed just within an arm’s reach as the last of the entrance exams approached. Fantasies of college friendships, campus life, and college fests started to take up greater mind space. Nothing really prepares you for the torrent of new experiences the first semester itself has in store for you, though. Descriptions of college life, and fests especially, rarely manage to do them adequate justice. The electrifying atmosphere that lasts for the entire duration of a college fest and the liveliness of the campus during the fest is something that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Fests are the time MIT is at its prettiest, with murals painted onto campus walls and roads, and meticulously created, larger-than-life works of craft adorning every nook of the campus.

Tech Tatva

Tech Tatva is the fresher’s first glimpse of a college celebration. The annual technical fest of the college takes place in October and is something that leaves most in awe. The numerous registration counters at KC, the huge banners, the music, the workshops, the food counters, and the charged atmosphere give it a very celebratory feel. A hard core technical fest, Tech Tatva is a brilliant platform for a student to hone their skills. There are enormous opportunities to learn and create. As is often the case, students are enthralled by the opportunity offered to them to build robots and cars from scratch – things that remain, for most part, theoretical in school education.


Courtesy: Tech Tatva Social Media team

A week before Tech Tatva commences, daily workshops are organized. From helping one learn the Arduino board to new programming skills, these help in setting the right mood for the tech fest. The unique competitions are held every year, and much to the joy of the students, there is prize money to be won. Apart from this, the food stalls lined up near the Innovation Centre and the games organized by the Informals category create the perfect festive atmosphere. So, even if one isn’t interested in the technical events, there’s always the option of playing a game of In-Your-Face, getting pictures clicked, and tucking into a juicy roll.


The Revels Newsletter

One of the most awaited events of the even semester is the annual cultural fest, Revels. From events catering to the field of arts and music to fashion shows and poetry competitions, these four days are arguably the best time to be in MIT.  No one is a mere observer here, with something catering to everybody’s tastes. The scene of the fest  is  a sight to behold, with everyone even remotely related to the college out on campus soaking in the hubbub of the fest. Cultural and sport events are organized meticulously, and usually  feature very skillful performances. The event chart is filled with some incredible competitions. If you thought, the cultural competitions were restricted only dancing and singing, you’re in for a surprise. Debates, poetry competitions, street plays, and a variety of other artistic media are offered a platform here.

Courtesy: Revels, Social Media team

The sports events begin from as early as seven in the morning and go on till evening. The distinction between day and night fades as the fest turns the college into a bustling scene of activity and action for the entire ninety six hours of the fest.

The food stalls, a staple of the fests at MIT, reappear near the Innovation Centre, drawing large crowds to pizzas, ice creams, and more in a scene reminiscent of a carnival.

The highlight of the fest, however is the Pro Show, with each day of the fest featuring a different professional artiste at the Quadrangle. This year, Karan Singh Magic bewitched the minds of many as he tricked them with his illusions. The comedians, Sahil Shah and Karunesh Talwar, had the burgeoning audience roaring with laughter at their witty sets. Lagori, the Bangalore based rock fusion band, won hearts in an interactive performance. The final day saw Benny Dayal of Badtameez Dil fame share the stage with Anish Sood, a prominent DJ.



Fests are a huge part of college life and while managing college, social life, and the occasional homesickness can be tough to handle, the fests come with a promise of relief from the monotony of daily life, exchanging it for the most exhilarating events the campus and college have to offer.

 Cover Image: Ujjwal Kumar