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A Concise Guide to Make Ups and Re-eval

While the month of December welcomes the holiday season, it also brings in the dreadful result time. As if the long bothersome war with the portal isn’t enough, what follows the results is a series of confusion about makeups and re-evaluation. We present you a simplified article on the very same to help you bid goodbye to confusion.

How do I apply for Re-evaluation and Paper seeing/Makeup?
Once you open your account on the student portal, select Academics and then Grade Sheet to view your result.
On the grade sheet, beside the respective grades, will be checkboxes related to re-evaluation and makeup. Students have to select the required check box and proceed for payment. The payment page will then show the required amount to be paid. The mode of payment is online.

  1. For students who have secured an F grade and want to apply for Re-evaluation-
    Click on the check boxes beside the F grade subjects in the first column named ‘Revaluation’. This will direct the students to the payment page. This option is for F grade students only and will be valid from the 6th of December, 2017. Students have to fill this before the 7th of December, 2017.
  2. For students who have to apply for makeup:
    Click on the check boxes beside the respective subject in the second column named ‘Makeup Exam’. This will then direct the students to the payment page. The tab shall be activated from the 8th of December, 2017.
  3.  For students who have not secured an F grade and want to apply for Re-evaluation
    Click on the check boxes beside the respective subject in the third column. This will direct the students to the payment page. This option is valid for students who have not secured an F grade and want to apply for re-evaluation.
    The option also caters to the students who want to get their makeup paper re-evaluated.

What do I do if I have the missed the exam due to certain reasons? Where do I apply?
For students who have missed the exams due to medical/other personal reasons, an offline application was required to be submitted before. This was just a permission to be completely evaluated out of the full grade in the makeup exam.
The students will have to follow a similar procedure as explained in step 2 in the previous question.
 -Click on Student Portal> Academics>Grade Sheet
 -Select the check boxes beside the missed exam in the makeup column
 -Proceed for payment.

What if I am a re-registered student? Where and when will the grades be changed?
For re-registered students, the change in their CGPAs and GPAs will be reflected by 6th December 2017 on their grade sheets in the student portal.

What do I do if I want to see my paper before getting it re-evaluated?
This time paper seeing and revaluation are a single process. The student cannot apply for either individually.

  1. The student first needs to apply for revaluation process available on SLCM depending on the grade.
    The student will then be given an option for paper seeing, wherein he/she can view the paper once again and write comments about it. For this, the student has to be present physically at the institute. The paper will then be re-evaluated according to the comments.
  2. If the student cannot be physically present at the institute, the entire paper will be checked by another faculty and graded again. The higher score will be considered.
  3. For students with an F grade currently, paper seeing and re-evaluation will be held during the winter break itself.
    For other students, paper seeing and revaluation will be held during the next semester.

Is it possible for my friend to see my paper if I am unable to make it to the Institute for paper seeing?
No. The Institute shall not permit and representative of the student to see his or her paper. The paper will be shown to the concerned student only.

Can I also submit my Lab grades for Re-evaluation?
No, Lab Grades cannot be submitted for re-evaluation. The lab list which has been sent by the department is final and will be updated on the student portal.
Prior errors were caused due to submission of wrong information by the department. Grades will be updated on the portal by the evening of 6th December 2017.

What are the due dates for submitting the applications for makeup/revaluation?

The dates for applying for Makeups and Re-evaluation are mentioned in the academic calendar.

The last date to apply for re-evaluation (F grade subjects) is 7th December 2017.

The last date to apply for makeup exams is 16th December 2017.

Paper seeing (F grade subjects) begins and ends on the 9th of December, 2017.

The re-evaluation results will be out on the 14th of December, 2017

The dates to apply for re-evaluation refund in case of grade change begins on the 14th of December and will last until the 20th of December, 2017.

Applying for re-evaluation for F grade in makeup exams/Non-F grade subjects/Makeup Exams will begin on the 15th of December and last until 10th January, 2018.

Non-F graders can see their papers on the 13th of January, 2018.

Makeup exams start on the 19th of December, 2017.

My SLCM student portal shows ‘There are no data records to display’. What do I do?
If the SLCM portal of any student still shows the message, it has to be brought to the notice of the student council. The students can mail their queries to [email protected] with their registration numbers and proper screenshots if any.

What is the cost of- reevaluation and makeup?
The cost of re-evaluation for each paper is 750 Rupees which is refunded completely in case of a grade change.
The cost for makeup is 550 Rupees.

Some points to be noted are:

  • The grade cannot be decreased in reevaluation.
  • If any student feels that his/her grades are lower than expected, he/she can get in touch with the department regarding the same.
  • The grades on SLCM are allotted by the respective departments. If any CR feels that the overall correction for any specific subject is wrong for the entire class, then the CR can get in touch with the department.
    For discrepancies, students can mail their queries to [email protected] with the registration number.
  • Some important contacts are:
  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. ACADEMIC SECTION : +91 820 292 5912 +91 820 292 5910

If you have any more queries, drop us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can contact us through our Facebook page-