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LIИKIИ PARK—Reanimation [Finely Tuned]

Caught in the timeline between two landmark old-school Linkin Park albums, ‘Reanimation’ is a gem in their discography that often goes overlooked. On the occasion of Mike Shinoda’s birthday, Finely Tuned looks back at the hip-hop side of LP’s rap metal era.

Slayer—Reign in Blood [Finely Tuned]

Bay Area thrash lords Slayer announced their farewell tour earlier this week, breaking the hearts of millions who grew up listening to them. Join us in this week’s Finely Tuned, as we pay homage to the band that paved the way for the more extreme side of thrash metal, inspiring countless greats to follow in their footsteps.

Temples — Sun Structures [Finely Tuned]

When Temples broke into the music scene in 2012, people were unprepared and unsure about what hit them. With their debut album, Sun Structures, the band has accomplished the perfect blend of new-age retro and vintage psychedelic rock, with woeful lyrics, thudding bass lines, and melancholic guitars. Here’s our take on their music.

Anathema – The Optimist [Finely Tuned]

Nearly two decades later, Anathema returns to complete a story left hanging precariously at the edge of a cliff. Will they be able to recapture the enchantment of 2001’s ‘A Fine Day to Exit’ in its sequel? Read on to find out in this week’s edition of Finely Tuned.

Opeth – Deliverance [Finely Tuned]

Hot on the heels of what was Opeth’s magnum opus, ‘Deliverance’ had quite the challenge of living up to the standards set by its predecessor. In this week’s Finely Tuned, we take a look at what was not only the most brutal album in the history of Opeth’s career, but what could have also been their last.

alt-J – This Is All Yours [Finely Tuned]

This week on Finely Tuned, we review the eccentric, enigmatic, and undoubtedly talented trio, alt-J. With their dexterous use of unconventional instruments and ability to be trendsetters, this British indie rock band has set the benchmark for neophyte hipster musicians. Take a closer look at their second album, ‘This Is All Yours’.

Megadeth – Rust in Peace [Finely Tuned]

‘Rust in Peace’, three words that metalheads around the world are all too familiar with. The album that inspired countless seething, long-haired, leather jacket donning teenagers to use their pent-up angst productively and pick up a guitar instead. This week on Finely Tuned, we take a look at this pinnacle of thrash metal.