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A Captivating Case of the Ceaseless Cosmos

One frigid, wintry night,

As I wait for my means to go back home,

I raise my eyes to the starlit sky,

And as I sit here on the dewy grass,

Quiet, for once- and seemingly alone,

My mind takes off on a startling journey.

And I realize, maybe I’m not alone after all.

Because if you look closely, it’s not tough to realise

The universe is not an ‘it’.

No. It is, in fact, a ‘she’.

Black holes are the pupils of her mystic eyes,

Like an eternal slide into an infinite void.


See, stars are the sparkle on her cheeks-

Bright and reflective of her jovial soul.

Nebulas are arteries and veins running through her arms,

Brimming with celestial golden blood,

Throbbing with life.

And planets-

Planets are the charms on the necklaces strung around her neck,

And the rings of Saturn are merely bracelets on her wrists.


Interstellar dust is just what brushes off her dress

With every rustle of the galactic fabric.

And what we call space junk, she tinkers with in her free time.

It’s just that her fingers aren’t solid- they’re wind.

Then solar flares are sparks flying through her fingertips-

A manifestation of her hair-raising, bone-chilling anger.

And the auroras we see late at night in high up places,

Are just her lazy doodles across the blank canvas of the sky.

Maybe the sun gets eclipsed when she tries to show us her true form.

Because, maybe she backs out at the last moment,

Concerned that her arcane grandeur will have us burning in curiosity.

That it will fill us with the want to know more.

I think the Universe is trying to make me comprehend,

That in this interstellar chaos-

Full of uncountable galaxies,

And these galaxies scattered with millions of solar systems,

Each of them composed of planets like ours;

There is such great possibility that

Somewhere else, someone else, just like me,

Is too gazing up at the starlit sky,

With their heart swelling with wondrous joy.

And maybe they too are wondering whether or not I exist.

And now, as I sit on this dewy grass,

And the clouds part above me,

Freeing the night sky from their misty cage,

I think I finally see clearly:

We are the children of this mesmerising Universe,

Destined to pass on her starry legacy;

And we are not alone.

Featured Image: Nikita Dhanan