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The Manipal Experience

The MIT Manipal experience is like a breath of fresh air in your life. From the basketball court in KC to the football and cricket grounds, from the activities in bustling KC, the heart of MIT, to a quiet evening on the lush green slopes near the hostels – Manipal promises a new experience everyday. Here you can exploit every bit of freedom you get to do what you love (but be back before 9:30 pm).

A Talk with Titans

We got a chance to have a chat with titans of the industry and proud MIT alumni – Mr. Anant Talaulicar, Mr. Sachin Menon and Mr. Thomas Cherukara. Read on to find out about their views on a number of topics ranging from business to spirituality.

TechTatva ’16: Robowars 3.0

Robowars 3.0 was an action packed event that lived up to its title. Fighting bots and the near-cutthroat competition among the participating teams as well as efficient organisation of the event made it a huge success.

The Tour de Manipal

How do you promote cycling among fellow students and staff? Why, plan a pan-India tour of course! The Human Powered Endeavours club presents the Tour de Manipal – a journey of 3000 kms, completed in 30 days of cycling by 7 riders.

Eric Clapton – Unplugged [Finely Tuned]

This week on Finely Tuned, we have Eric Clapton’s MTV Unplugged, an album that redefined the story of Eric Clapton’s career. An all-acoustic live masterpiece, Unplugged is a treat for every blues and Eric Clapton fan. If you’re not a fan, you will be.

Azadi’70 – Celebrating a Vibrant India

Independence was a hard-earned achievement that came about due to the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the resilience of Indian civil society. The day of its celebration was also a day to introspect and commit to solving the problems that still plague our country. Azadi’70, organised by Goonj, Mafia and Showstoppers was an event that showed us exactly how to do that.

IAESTE – The International Experience

IAESTE India LC Manipal, the local chapter of IAESTE, is an international organisation that aims at providing technical internships throughout the globe. They will be organizing a recruitment drive at the end of this month.