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Unleashing the Rainbow from behind the Closet

Article 19, the cultural fest of the School of Communication(SOC), named after article 19 of the Indian Constitution, which protects the freedom of expression and speech, has always tried to provide a platform for constructive dialogue regarding difficult topics. This effort led to the conception

The Conundrum of the Justice Collegium

In an unprecedented move, members of the Justice Collegium of the Supreme Court went public with allegations that the Honourable Chief Justice of India had been exhibiting a clear lack of transparency and rationale while assigning cases to the judges of the Supreme Court.

Finding Light in the Darkness

Recognizing a propensity for judgement based on physical appearance,’ Blindfolded Conversations’ organised by the Psych Club, tries to see how differently a ‘first conversation’ pans out if this visual element is removed.

A Weekend of Coding and Design: IECSE’s Founder’s Weekend

From competitive coding to minimalist design, IECSE’s Founder’s Weekend did its best to indulge coders and non-coders alike into the conjoined culture of programming, coding, and technical design. The events aimed to give people a new-founded spark, and for those interested, an opportunity to delve into the world of coding.