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TechTatva’17 — Cryptoss

Final Frontier
Sanjana Srivastava

Final Frontier, an offline coding event, witnessed an assembly of coding enthusiasts packed into NLH with charging wires strewn across the room and laptop screens eagerly waiting. Held over two well thought-out rounds with tactical programming questions and a fictional theme, the organizers managed to realize fiction and merge it into problem-solving.

The first round of Final Frontier brought out four hierarchical levels of coding questions, based on fictional themes, with each level (or civilization) becoming increasingly tougher to crack. Organizers emphasized on how they aimed to make the questions welcoming to first years and fourth years alike. The event saw a well-deserved turnout, with the room sufficiently filled, and the questions positively received by the participants. Out of all the teams that initially showed up, nine made it to the second round.

With the difficulty level considerably elevated, the second round introduced a tactical situation that involved conquering six different planet, each worth certain number of points. An interesting twist was brought along with the real-time scoreboard, where contesting teams also got points for the duration that they could keep the planets conquered. With the countdown echoing across the room, the round ended on a tense note, as one team nearly caught on to the winning team in the last few minutes. The air of suspense built up right down to the final second, after which team NHP, a team of two third year students, rightfully accepted their crowns; team Dexter a close second.

The event was based on a very unique idea that was well executed, with innovative questions. Participants remarked that it was a fun event that they would look forward to attending next year as well.

Parthiva Mewawala

With most of our caped heroes certified as tech mavens, Cryptoss decided to give coding a different spin altogether. Nikita Sarwagi, an organiser, said that Cryptoss tried to link the geeky world of superheroes with coding to come up with a revamped event this Tech Tatva, and on most counts, they did succeed.

The first round of this event saw a huge crowd filling up the stands. The tempo ran high with aspiring heroes lining up to try their new superpowers. Five powers had been lined up for this event, each one aimed at hampering their ability to code. With the spin of a wheel deciding the fortunes of our uncaped heroes, teams pooled in their intellect to compile lines of code and garner points while fervently praying for a superpower to salvage their mess. Most of the teams survived to the next round, scripted to be a high voltage finale.

Not your typical engineering classroom blackboard.

The final showdown between our superheroes began late on the last day of Tech Tatva. The organisers had come up with a more prolific competition this time. With eight teams participating, each team got to represent a tech-savvy hero. With only the strongest and wisest hero slated to fight the other challengers for the throne, this event was surely one of the most exciting ones on offer.