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Pre-Revels’18: Psychus

With an aim to help participants strengthen their memory and logical reasoning, the Pre-Revels workshop for Psychus was conducted to serve as a screening process for the upcoming Revels events.

Speed Memory Workshop
Parthiva Mewawala

The human brain has been a baffling entanglement for ages. While people continue to strive to decode its secrets, some have partly succeeded in harnessing its power. The Speed Memory workshop, conducted by Psychus, was an exercise on similar grounds. Billed as an event that would help unlock the abilities of cognitive control, the low turnout came as a surprise. Initial glitches and changes in the venue had led to the event commence on a stolid note.

The volunteers and organisers had worked hard on their presentations, with compelling and engrossing content. The speakers engaged the audience in interactive dialogue right from the beginning—the participants reciprocated well enough and appreciated the approach. A demonstration of memory power was followed by a visual representation of the various schools of learning. The speakers exemplified each technique with several examples to showcase the benefits of improving memory, most of them were easy to use and catered to everyday problems.

“The workshop was organised keeping in mind the requirements of our event in revels—Cognitive Control. We also tried to incorporate solutions for basic problems in life to intrigue the audience,” informed Swathi Manthena, the Category Head of Psychus. “Memory techniques also help in multitasking, hence making college life easier for students,” added Avni Jaiswal, volunteer and speaker.

Even though the event began on the wrong foot, the speakers managed to salvage the workshop and conclude it successfully. Hopefully, the informative session will help the audience equip themselves with necessary phrenic hacks to face their upcoming exams with more confidence.

Picture credits: Photography And Videography Department, Revels’18