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Pre-Revels’18: Dramebaaz

With Curtain Call and Lights, Camera, Action, Dramebaaz brought theatre and film into the spotlight. The teams for both of these sought to impress with teasers of their full-length features, vying to get through to compete during the actual fest.

Curtain Call
Siddhant Sharma

The preliminary round of Curtain Call had six teams from MAHE in participation on 23rd February in the Library Auditorium. The teams, that had between 3 and 15 members inclusive of the light and sound crew, had to put up acts 8–12 minutes long. The performances would be trailers for the full-length version that they would perform at the main event during Revels if they made it through.

The event featured plays from a variety of genres and left the audience wanting more. Each of these managed to capture the attention of the viewers with the gripping storylines and phenomenal execution. While the passionate portrayal of characters by the actors amazed the audience, the performances also aimed to provide a different perspective on issues prevailing in the country.

The success of the performances was a result of the great coordination among the various units and the diligence of the crew members, who had rehearsed for several days to be able to put up a good display. One of the performances even managed to receive the honour of a standing ovation from some of the viewers.

“It was a delight to watch all the actors perform with such passion. It was a wonderful event that gave us a preview of what Revels is going to be like,” said audience member K Ashwin.

Lights Camera Action
Mayukh Das

The word Reflections packs a variety of interpretations. It could be taken to mean a literal mirror image on a reflective surface. Alternatively, it could be viewed as just a representation of someone as opposed to their actual self. It might be experienced only through the power of thought. While the King of Pop tells us to look at the “Man in the Mirror” to better ourselves, the witch from Snow White shows us that our visible reflections are only a small and insignificant part of who we really are. Seeing the massive potential in this idea, the organisers of Dramebaaz picked Reflections as the theme for Lights, Camera, Action.

For the initial round, the seventeen participating teams sent in trailers for their short movies based on the theme, which were screened at NLH on 1st March. The teams, consisting of three members, had the option to submit up to two entries. The organisers gained participants by accepting films of all languages and welcoming out-station participants, prompting multiple entries by the VIT Film Society.

Each team displayed outstanding creativity with their own interpretations of the theme, many spanning various film genres and addressing multiple topics. While movies like ‘Vinayak’ explored the reflections of Nathuram Godse, the man who assassinated the father of the nation, ‘Hide and Seek’  explored split personalities and preyed on the fear of faceless figures in our washroom mirror. The teams incorporated ingenious cinematography into their films, with the entries looking like something produced by professional film studios and not just a bunch of college students with a laptop.

While all the movies had something new and interesting to offer, it remains to be seen which teams will make the cut and move on to the second round to get themselves featured on the first day of Revels’18.

Picture Credits: Photography and Videography Department, Revels’18