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Pre-Revels’18: Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift’s Pre-Revels workshops for the JAM (Just A Minute) and Slam Poetry events were held by LDQ on 20th February. It aimed at familiarizing interested students with the rules and concept of the events, and gave them a snippet of what the main events will have in store.

Aayushi Agarwal

The Just-A-Minute workshop began at 5.50 p.m., twenty minutes after its scheduled time, giving NLH-402 enough time to be filled to the brim. The workshop was conducted by Arun. Since most of the audience was acquainted with what a JAM was, he delved into explaining the long list of rules for the competition that often leave participants flummoxed. After explaining each rule in detail, he went on to invite volunteers to take part in a demo round. Each time someone raised an objection, he explained how the rule in question was violated and whether the objection was valid. This was followed by two more demo rounds with different sets of participants. The audience was left in splits of laughter as the participants’ response to the ‘Round Related Constraints’ became more and more amusing. From mildly inappropriate jokes to inventive pick-up lines and battles over movie dialogues, the demo rounds proved to be very entertaining.

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Slam Poetry
Aayushi Agarwal

The Slam Poetry Workshop was conducted by Vibhuti Sharma. After giving a brief overview of how slam poetry is different from traditional poetry, she treated the audience to a few videos of slam performances. While waiting for the sound equipment to be set up, a few members of LDQ and the audience performed some of their works. These were applauded with a smattering of finger-snapping by the audience, in keeping with the slam tradition. The videos played for the audience were diverse and managed to showcase the variety of styles that a poet can adopt. Emotional, motivational, funny, and even group slam performances were included. The workshop also included a performance by two members of Goonj, the Hindi Literary Society of Manipal, since the main event will also include Hindi poetry. The workshop concluded with a first-time performance by a novice poet following which the club members shared details of the main event with the audience.

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Some attendees were a little unsure about whether the workshop would involve only performances or be an informative session. However, at the end of the workshop, they left wiser than before. They learned about JAM rules and styles of slam poetry of which they were previously unaware.

The JAM and Slam Poetry events during Revels promise to be fun-filled and entertaining. Judging by the response of the audience to the workshop, these events can expect enthusiastic participation and some brilliant performances by budding poets and wordsmiths.

Picture Credits: Photography and Videography Department, Revels’18