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As the clock ticks by and the sessionals’ stress kicks in, The MIT Post, as per usual, is back with its playlists. The vocal playlist will keep the adrenalin pumping while the instrumental playlist will calm your nerves and give you a chance to breathe.

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The Sessionals Playlist Vol.II [Even Sem’18]

Sessionals are rolling in soon, and you know what that means—a brand new set of songs to study along to. This time around, we’ve got soothing vocals and ambient instrumentals for all those sleepless nights. If music can heal, then we’ve got the cure.

Toasting to the Future—Toastmasters International

With a goal to create informed and educated leaders for tomorrow, the Toastmasters started their MAHE division with huge hopes. At the end of their fourth meeting, it is safe to say that the future seems to be in good hands; the session touched upon various leadership and public speaking topics that touched a chord with the attendees.

Koffee with Kanan—Sitting Down with Kanan Gill

With their bubbling personalities and unparalleled sense of humour, Urooj and Kanan successfully managed to make the evening delightful for everyone present at LVC’s show, Lolstars.
We had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Kanan Gill—engineer, comedian, writer, actor. Here’s what he had to say!