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Love in the Air—Goonj’s Daastaan-E-Dil

Goonj called forth love-struck students of Manipal to talk about love and their stories about it for their Open Mic contest on February 15. Courted by the club’s playlist of catchy songs, a crowd gathered in front of the MIT Food Court for Daastaan-E-Dil on the evening after Valentine’s Day.

Rahul Ravishankar Singh, a Goonj writer and the host for the evening, kick-started the proceedings with a two-liner—“Mohobbat nibhaane ka jasba ho toh k aiuchsa ho, shuru un sangh huyi toh khatam bhi unhi sangh ho”. The passion of love should be such that one should dare to stick with that one special person from the beginning till the end.

The audience witnessed an elaborate variety of artists—poets, storytellers, and narrators—all of whom dedicated their work to the love of their lives. The speakers bared their hearts and talked about everything from heartbreaks to success stories, high school crushes to college lovers, infatuation to love, and quiet peeks in classrooms to deep conversations every night. The only common factors among the evening’s performers were the passion they shared and the fact that they were all male.

Bhaskar Singh, one of the many debutants that evening, enticed the audience with his articulately narrated teenage love story—despite weighing over a hundred kilos, he’d managed to win over the girl he liked owing to his academic excellence.

Rahul Singh continually tried to get the participants to reveal the names of their special ones, but every one of them shied away from doing so, eliciting laughter from the audience. Nikhil Singh, a former Goonj board member, announced the winners at the end of the event. Shehzan Ahmed bagged the first prize while Divyansh Mishra came in second.

Winner of the event, Shehzan Ahmed

The connection the performers made with the audience, the genuine confessions, and the light humour all under the open starlit sky made the evening a memorable experience for everyone present there. With all thoughts wandering to their cherished special ones, Goonj’s Daastaan-E-Dil achieved its purpose—the celebration of love.