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Fresher’s Guide to Manipal: Volume 2

College is the reward for surviving high school” – Judd Apatow

Embarking on a four year long chapter of your life may appear extremely daunting, particularly as a college freshman destined to be far away from home. If you’ve cleared the MU-OET, and are ready to head to MIT, you should know that the academics aside, MIT and the town of Manipal have a lot in store for you, and finding out more about that will show you why Manipal is going to begin to feel a lot like a second home.

The first challenge will be to mentally prepare yourself to live away from the comforts of home. Home- cooked food will surely be missed, but the journey of surviving four years in a hostel leaves you with a bundle of memories to cherish and invaluable friendships to toast over. Bulky bags are going to be a problem for the airlines as well as you. Pack as light as you can, because one of the many reasons that Manipal feels like home is because almost everything is available here. And though Manipal has a lot more to offer than just academics, here’s what your first year studying Engineering will look like.

When you finally settle in, this is all you need as your shopping, and eating guide to your new home. Manipal’s prime location has been among the many reasons behind a number of tourist destinations springing up around town. All one needs is an umbrella, a group of friends, and a holiday (in that order of importance), and a number of myriad places become accessible for a day trip by bus or train. One consequence of living away from your parents is the hassle of managing your own expenditure, and more often than not you will be forced to tighten your belt and resort to the Food Court on a daily basis. It is an established fact that in Manipal, your grey cells function only when your stomach is sated, and for everybody who wants a break from the Food Court, messes abound in and around the campus, promising to cater, quite literally, to all your culinary desires.

If you have read our article on the various clubs and student projects in MIT, you probably know that the college has a lot more to offer beyond academics. One of the advantages of living in Manipal is the availability of open spaces, which have been converted into excellent sporting arenas. Other than a world class gym in MARENA, Manipal can boast of a number of sporting facilities which are available for general use. MIT also organises two fests, one in each semester. TechTatva, MIT’s technical fest, happens right after the fresher’s teaching break in the first semester while Revels, MIT cultural fest, happens midway through the second semester. Manipal is renowned for its international relations and well-established connections. Here’s an article, describing the various organisations in MIT which work towards providing premier international exposure.

These are a few of the many things that endear Manipal to us. We asked a few of our writers to tell us why Manipal feels like home to them, and you can read up on everything Sriya, Nida, Afridi and Sanat had to say. Engineering may not be a walk in the park, but you’ll soon see why spending four years in Manipal makes them four of the most unforgettable years in a person’s life.

Cover Image: Vipul Mone