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Resolving to Combat Climate Change− Manipal Model WHO’18

The Manipal Model World Health Organization (WHO), held on 13th February was a diversion from the usual MUNs witnessed in Manipal. As the first event of its kind in the town, it aimed at promoting inter-professional discussion on climate-change related health issues, such as vector-borne diseases. It was organized by the Manipal-FAIMER International Institute for Leadership in Inter-Professional Education (M-FILIPE) and the Dr TMA Pai Chair in Inter-Professional Education and Practice, in association with Leaders of Tomorrow and Indian Inter-Professional Education Network (IndIPEN).

The debate was inaugurated by Dr H. Vinod Bhat, Vice-Chancellor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education(MAHE). Dr Ciraj AM, the Course Director of the FAIMER Institute also welcomed the gathering. Dr Poornima Baliga, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Faculty of Health Sciences), MAHE, was the guest of honour.

Participants included students from the constituent colleges of MAHE. There were 8 delegations− each representing a member nation of the SAARC. Each team consisted of three participants, all from different professional fields. All the delegations presented their positions on the issue and took questions on the same. This was followed by a lobbying session where the countries drafted two resolutions. These were then voted upon by the committee after a few amendments.  The winners were the delegation from the Maldives, while the second and third prizes were won by India and Pakistan respectively.

The decision to include only SAARC nations may have been a little restricting to the discussion since a phenomenon like climate change has consequences on a global scale.  However, the event was definitely successful in initiating dialogue and bringing together people from different fields to work towards a common goal. The delegations attempted to come up with relevant solutions and the concern displayed by them regarding the issues at hand was noteworthy.

The Manipal-FILIPE works on projects related to health issues but brings in the expertise of professionals from diverse fields. This year, they decided to share this outlook towards solving problems with the students of Manipal as well. The students took back an immense amount of learning from this one-day event, that only lasted a few hours. Judging from the satisfied faces at the end of the day, it could be surmised that the participants would spread the message of inter-professional education onward.

All photographs by The Photography Club, Manipal.