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Koffee with Kanan—Sitting Down with Kanan Gill

With their bubbling personalities and unparalleled sense of humour, Urooj and Kanan successfully managed to make the evening delightful for everyone present at LVC’s show, Lolstars.
We had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Kanan Gill—engineer, comedian, writer, actor. Here’s what he had to say!

Rashōmon: A Crime and Three Lies

Rashōmon by ADA, in association with Betaal, is a Yakshagana remake of the Japanese classic directed by Akira Kurosawa. The play was beautifully sculpted by ex-MIT student, Abhinav Grover, and was performed as one of several acts under MILAP, Manipal University’s literary and arts festival. Read on to find out more.

The Time of Your Life

Ten years down the line, college is something that will make you look back and reminisce. And although there aren’t enough words to describe the liberty that Manipal offers us, here’s a microscopic glimpse into what it meant for some of us.

Making Amends – The Student Council’s Meeting

The Student Council recently ­met with the administration of MIT to discuss certain growing concerns of students and council members alike. The Director, Joint Director, and a host of authorities were present to address and incorporate the mentioned suggestions.

The Launch of ‘Regashi’

With the 60th year of MIT looming ahead of us, the Editorial Board has compiled the much talked about yearbook. The Yearbook, 2016-2017, was launched in all its grandeur on the 9th of April. Here’s what happened at the inauguration ceremony.

Innovative Careers: The Rise of Start-ups in Manipal

Start-ups are one of the many things that put the ‘Innovation’ in ‘Innovation Center’. We decided to meet with the student-founders of three startups: Platform Petal, Strange Matter, and Salahcar to learn more about their journey, ordeals, and the services they are here to offer.

The Mathitis Society: The Manipal Chapter

The Mathitis Society’s Manipal Chapter is an organisation which aims to help students achieve their academic goals by providing corporate work experience, and training them to face the hardships once they graduate.

Republic Day Celebrations

The 68th Republic Day hosted by Manipal Institute of Technology was a solemn celebration marked by hoisting the Indian flag and a march-past routine by the various contingents of Manipal University.

alt-J – This Is All Yours [Finely Tuned]

This week on Finely Tuned, we review the eccentric, enigmatic, and undoubtedly talented trio, alt-J. With their dexterous use of unconventional instruments and ability to be trendsetters, this British indie rock band has set the benchmark for neophyte hipster musicians. Take a closer look at their second album, ‘This Is All Yours’.