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All About that Bass- MAFIA’s Acoustic Night

Abhilash Panda | Staff Writer

“One good thing about music- when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

Bob Marley’s words couldn’t be truer, as performers took to the stage for Acoustic Night, hosted by the MAFIA, the music and fine arts club of MIT, on the 22nd of October. The food court wore a relaxed look, and the excitement in the air was palpable, as revellers flopped down onto the grass under the night skies. Onlookers awaited an evening filled with good music to bring the curtains down on yet another lazy Sunday – one of the few remaining this semester.

While some of the participants took time away from the stage to mix with the crowd, most of them sat huddled with their instruments- all trying to get that sound just right. Teams were allotted time slots of 10 minutes- 2 to set up their instruments and 8 for the performance. To make sure that the spotlight remained solely on the music, the organizers decreed explicit lyrics as off-limits.

Despite a slightly late start, the organisers ensured that the crowd was kept in high spirits with a mix of music until the sun finally set and both the stars and the performers came out. The teams, on their part, made the crowds’ time worth their while.  They belted out beautiful medleys of songs, some touching the deepest recesses of one’s heart and others making the crowd get up and shake a leg. All in all- good company, good music, all of that under a beautifully lit sky- it was an evening where words failed and music took over.